HOPE CARE – Private palliative Care

"Every day is precious and should be used optimally, because the time we have is limited”

This statement we have all certainly heard. It is only when we or someone close to us gets seriously ill do we know what it really means.

The person affected expresses the wish of not wanting to go to hospital anymore and wanting to live out the rest of their lives at home.

"I want the rest of my days to be here in my home with my family”

Often family members are completely overwhelmed when they hear these words at first. However, it may just only be small changes required to continue care from home fulfilling this wish. These small changes can make all the difference when facilitating this desire by the patient to go home.

This is why it is important that help is on hand when patients and their families make this decision but do not have the support mechanisms in place at home.

Professional and Caring Help

If you or a family member is facing this situation – we are here for you.
For further information please contact:  Tel:(089) 94464267 or alternatively you can fill in this contact form.
All requests will be treated confidentially.


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