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Chaklrotte Sagild NielsenCharlotte Sagild Nielsen

I was born in 1959 and raised in Denmark. Having graduated as a qualified nurse and lived for 2 years in London and one year in the U.S., I arrived in Germany in 1985.

In the years 1986 to 2001 I gained experience as a nurse in Urology, Transplantation, Intensive Care, Dialysis, and Geriatric Care.

In 2009 my husband had an incurable disease. At the point where he was beyond treatment his most important and last wish was to be allowed die at home. Supported by the local Hospice group and in coordination with our GP´s, I was able to fulfil his greatest wish. Today I am very grateful for this, as although it was difficult, it was a very valuable and very nice time we had together at home.

Since my training in Denmark, which also included End-Of-Life-Care, I have repeatedly dealt with this issue and participated in courses in Palliative Care as well as Pain Management and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy courses in St Christopher’s Hospice in London.

In my career as a Nurse, I have often been given the task to accompany dying patients and to support their families which I have continued ever since also outside my work environment. I see this as a valuable way to help people die with dignity at home.

Renate MedingerRenate Medinger

In Hope Care I am the Administrator and I oversee Patient Management.

In addition, I can advise and support you and your loved one in creating "Patientenverfügung".

I have studied Law and have passed the "Heilpraktiker" exam.

After 8 years of independence, I am now working in a school supporting kids with their homework. In addition I am also involved as a volunteer in projects for the Integration of Foreigners.


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